Consumer Business Group has four business segments:
Product Distribution Solution

We help our clients to accelerate their speed to market, achieving the optimal market reach through our existing channels and omnichannel marketing solutions.

Retail Managed Services

Our clients can focus on their core business of delighting their customers through innovative products and solutions, leaving the hassle of day-to-day retail operations to us.

Ecommerce Managed Services

Complementing our managed retail stores, we offer a similar solution to our clients to manage their online presence.

Supply Chain And Fulfillment Solution

We offer a complete product lifecycle supply chain and fulfillment solution, from the time it is manufactured, retailed and installed onsite to the post-sales period covering warranty claim, return/repair, and trade-in/recycled.

Our customers include telecommunication and cable television operators, product manufacturers, retailers, and enterprises. We currently operate retail outlets for operators such as StarHub, U Mobile, and leading manufacturers like Samsung,